JOB PLACEMENT: At My-Le’s Beauty College, we don’t offer job placement. However, school does provide job listing that are available from various salon owners for hire. Although, every effort is made to assist the graduate in finding a job. If student cannot return to school, students can contact school for referral them to job opportunities available by phone. Name of salon, address, phone number and name of contact of person will be given to students and students are sent to interviews. The school cannot guarantee employment.

Please Note: Students must take and pass the State Board Examination before they can be placed on the job placement, so that the placement process cannot begin until the students have passed the State Board Examination.

It would be a pleasure to have you join us at My-Le’s Beauty College, our goal is to help you discover your ability to transform your life and other’s lives by your training. The degree of your success will depend on the effort you are willing to apply during the entire course of your training.


Our Educational Objective

Our prime vocational objective is to train and produce graduates who will be sufficiently knowledgeable and able to seek and find employment in the beauty industry. The successful student should be able to function effectively in one of the many specialty areas such as: Hair Stylist, Hair Colorist, Manicurist, and Make-up Artist or as a Beauty Salon Owner, Cosmetology Instructor, Supervisor, Director or School Owner.

The daily training operation of My-Le’s Beauty College is under the instruction of a qualified, supervisor who brings many years of valuable experience within the beauty industry. The resultant educational program, the teaching training at My-Le’s Beauty College, represents the spectrum of cosmetology knowledge and experience. Our supervisor presents a challenging teaching and learning environment designed to maximize the student’s preparation and opportunity for success in one of today’s most exciting career fields.

The quality of our faculty is exhibited daily in the classroom and in the clinic. This core staff is supplemented on a regular basis through the use of guest artists, lecturers, and trainers with proven expertise from virtually all cosmetology, manicuring and skin care professions.

Students gain skill and confidence from training on quality equipment in comfortable surroundings. The strict observance of high professional standards enhances their future opportunities for higher paying vocational employment. The constant utilization helps develop skills to their fullest capacities. My-Le’s Beauty College welcomes all persons interested in a beauty career. We are happy to have you visit the school at any time. Come in and see our student facilities and the teaching staff and consider the many advantages our college offers. We will be pleased to answer all of your questions.